Emerald is a MainGUILTY icon. Inspired by the prosperity and universal gifts offered by Mother Nature, this sideboard has the power to clean up the environment and bring good luck.Its vital energy provides a design piece capable of attracting attention and prosperity.

Emerald Sideboard

Underpressure Collection

Symbol of rest and comfort, the pillow is synonymous with a well-deserved rest.  

But the pillow can be seen as the innocent and imaginary side of a child who asks for all his misunderstood wishes. 

We all have a child inside us, with countless fantasies and illusions. The Sideboard “Pillow” presents the more imaginative side of the brand, which provides an irreverent and illusory product, from its top part with soft and delicate shapes surrounded by straight and upright tubes. 

Is this the innocent side of MainGUILTY?

Pillow Sideboard

MainGUILTY is a force with strong, structural roots. 

Roots are known for the way they sustain human life. It is these roots, which build society and the world. 

“The Root” Console presents itself as a conceptual way of accepting the roots of life, organically and consistently. 

It provides in any environment a strong personality, reflecting its dententor.

Root Console

The world of fashion intersects with the world of MainGUILTY. 

The shape of the quilting is the brand’s way of presenting a pattern that is world-renowned, but unknown in much decoration and furniture. “Padded” sideboard takes on the signifier of comfort and coziness, providing a piece of futuristic yet very current surroundings. Its shape conveys volume and movement creating a sense of protection and well-being.

Padded Sideboard

In August of the year 79, the city of Pompeii was completely destroyed by the great eruption of the Vesuvius volcano.For 1600 years, it remained hidden until 1748 when it was found by chance.Lava and ashes still protect the daily life of the Roman city to this day.The Vesuvius family was inspired by the historic passage of Pompeii in order to perpetuate an unprecedented event.

Vesuvio Sideboard

MainGUILTY® rediscovers many of the fragmented Greek works, lost over the last centuries, and offers a new form of expression.

The Brand has created a double meaning in Anthea, combining the Japanese proverb of the three Wise Monkeys, "hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil" with the culture of Greek sculpture, offering an accent piece of art in any environment.

Anthea Console


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