What if Barbie’s house was furnished by the extravagant MainGUILTY?

What if Barbie’s house was furnished by the extravagant MainGUILTY?

MainGUILTY combines art with design in all its products, offering authentic works of art for any interior and decoration project.

MainGUILTY lives in parallel worlds in search of the unknown, known for being the first furniture brand on its way to Mars, presenting us with the latest concept, Barbie House.

Creative Director Mello, ventured to reinterpret Barbie’s house with the MainGUILTY concept, offering a completely innovative and breathtaking concept after the tremendous global success of the movie “Barbie” last July.

The Barbie house furnished by the extravagant and irreverent MainGUILTY is certainly fascinating and captivating. In this reinterpretation, MainGUILTY incorporates its own artistic and design identity, adding a unique and bold touch to the Barbie universe.

The choice of pink as the predominant color is a nod to Barbie’s feminine side, and the use of bold and contemporary furniture and decorations highlights MainGUILTY’s distinctive style. The house’s three floors offer different scenarios and environments, each with its own standout elements.

On the first floor, with the living and dining room, the iconic “Bubble sofa” in pink velvet contrasts with the “Olympus Table”, inspired by the ruins of Greek columns. The bar is adorned with the “Royce Bar Chair”, which displays the brand’s distinctive stamp on the backrest. The wall decoration includes the standout piece “Underpressure”, one of MainGUILTY’s best-sellers.

On the second floor, Barbie’s closet is decorated with the “Dragon Stool” and a recent piece from the “Root Console” collection, inspired by organic forms in nature. The famous Barbie bedroom features two single bubble sofas with the “Smash side table”, and the elegance of the contrast between the “Hypnotic rug” and the Candy floor lamp.

Throughout the house, representative elements of the MainGUILTY brand, such as the hummingbird and chili pepper, are incorporated into the design, reinforcing the brand’s spicy and distinctive personality.

This innovative and breathtaking approach to reimagining Barbie’s house reflects MainGUILTY’s creativity and imagination, offering a unique and captivating design experience for Barbie fans and art and design enthusiasts alike. The MainGUILTY Barbie house would certainly take viewers to a creative world full of personality and spicy charm.


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