Trends seen at Isaloni 2023 by MainGUILTY

Trends seen at Isaloni 2023 by MainGUILTY

MainGUILTY was present at the Isaloni fair in Milan, one of the most important events in the furniture design world, which ended on April 23rd after six days of exhibitions. The showcase attracts designers, manufacturers, retailers, and international buyers worldwide, looking for the latest trends.

Neutral tones

One of the big trends this year were neutral colors and nude tones featured prominently in several brands, as well as some pieces that stood out for their creativity.

Get the look: Apollo Console

One piece that MainGUILTY presents as a fusion of creativity and terracotta color is the Apollo Console. A console capable of making a difference in any decoration.

Inspired by the Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was described as the sun and light of truth. Considered by many to be the most beautiful and most powerful of Olympus, known as the God of Beauty, MainGUILTY recreates the importance of the Gods and perpetuates their divine history. We believe that a protected environment provides a space of long divinity and beauty.

The biennial Euroluce exhibition was also one of the main attractions this year, and is dedicated to the lighting sector. The exhibition presented a wide range of products, from lamps and luminaires to advanced lighting systems, and brings together some of the world’s best lighting designers and manufacturers.

For MainGUILTY, lamps can be true works of art and an expression of creativity, in addition to their lighting function, such as the Honey Chandelier.

From Egypt to the present day, humans have been consuming honey for over 10,000 years. In the Middle Ages, bees were considered sacred by many civilizations, which made them become a symbol of power and wealth.

MainGUILTY is inspired by guilty pleasures, and a brand unites Art & Design.

The natural, creamy, and slimy forms of honey inspired the Family Honey, providing a sweeter side to any environment.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming trends you will be bringing. MainGUILTY’s will be participating in the Hotel Show Dubai, a unique opportunity for interior design enthusiasts to see these amazing pieces firsthand.

The show will be held April 23-25, 2023, and we are excited to welcome you to our booth to share our passion for beauty and creativity.

Come see the Apollo Console and the Honey Chandelier and see why MainGUILTY is the coolest brand on the market.


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